Mt Staplyton Walk


This was a great walk when we did it some 20 years ago.  This time we noted the walk was 2 km shorter for some reason, I assume after the fires the Rangers re-routed the track.  And yes, this was the answer, the first part was the same but the last part was quite different from what we remembered.  Surprisingly, rock climbers seemed to be everywhere as we walked the track this time.
Anyway it's a tough walk, but worth it; great views.


Walk/Location Map


Information Board - Walk details Information Board - This walk still gives you great views. Information Board - Walk details
Information Board - Area detail. The proper walk start  
Great to see these. Hope they are never needed. Starting up the slope
Markers guide the way    
  Behind us is Mt Zero  
    Mt Zero
  Interesting head shape  
  Entering rock climbing country  
A rock has falllen Amazing weathered shapes  
  No, not down this path This way onwards
  Wow! There they are.  Rock climbers, rock climbing.
    In sight of Bird Rock
Another interesting rock fall - years ago    
Olive grove, far below    
  Bird Rock  
  Half way (perhaps) and the views are great  
This is the way    
Nearing the top now    
    Intriguing weathering in the rocks above us
Rock cave Looking back  
Inside the cave    
The way to the top Looking back  
A sign to tell us to be careful - now!    
    End of the walk marker  - Close enough to the top.
    Time to head back
No orchids out, so what else to photograph? Nature - A train of caterpillars  Back past the rock climbers - he's new
  Nearly back to the flat rock  
  Mt Zero and the car park ahead Back again after 3 hrs. 45 min. - time for a late lunch.
We would be quicker if we didn't take as many photos!

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