Mt Rosea Walk


It's been over 10 years since we did this walk.  The forest has regenerated after the fires and is now quite green but very dry due to the drought.  It was a warm day so we had to carry extra water to get us through, what I think, was quite a hard walk. We did this walk as a return walk  with a  total length of 9.2 km and a climb of around 500m.  But, it can't be that hard as we did make there and back, so scroll down and see our journey.


Walk/Location Map


The start of the walk signpost, just a short walk from the Mt Rosea car park I like photographing these signs going up and back to see how long we took.  
100m in we see the track joining us from the Sundial car park. Initially the track is quite easy to walk Amazingly we catch sight of an orchid, they mainly grow at the base of big old gum trees.
A bird orchid - didn't expect that!  
If memory serves me, this is the start of the old "Giant Staircase" path to the top.  We went the new way.   We wondered if that was our target for the day - Mt Rosea?
    Track junction
Someone had time to play    
    Fairies Aprons - I thought it would to dry for these today
Perhaps Tower Hill in the distance    
    As you climb, scenic views come into sight
Another orchid, a bit late for this Greenhood. Pterostylis macilentus we thought. Flower close-up  
  Yellow markers show you the way in rocky parts of the track  
Tower Hill again The track gets more interesting - giant boulders loom overhead.  
2 stone people standing guard    
A Caladenia as well.  This is becoming an orchid outing    
  Nice day, means lots of lizards lazing around the rocks  
Real mountain views start to appear as we walk   Lake Bellfield comes into view
Lake Bellfield in the distance    
More rock caverns to clamber through    
    A Bird Orchid bud - only one found
    The views are becoming more breathtaking as you get higher
  Another orchid - Caladenia alpina Mountain Caps - close-up
  The metal bridge across the chasm called the "Gate of the east wind"  
Nice drop below - happy to use the bridge    
  Another orchid - well a leaf of one.  Flowering in a couple of months  
  Amazing rock formations  
  Track to the top  
  The top.  The old Toposcope has been recycled into a modern stand.   
  The look out, now to turn for home Oh boy - another orchid find
Pterostylis macilentus,  or Grampians Leafy Greenhood A Bronze cap orchid
Bronze cap orchid - close-up A Sun Orchid - still open. Rabbit Ears Sun Orchid Caladenia carnea. Perhaps
Close-up Photographing the orchids Walk done - 7.5 hours

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