Lake Cobbler & Mt Cobbler Walk

25 January 2015

A great day for a walk.  We were camping at Lake Cobbler in a great spot along the lakes edge and although the walk can be started at the campground
we decided to drive up
Cobbler Lake Track to an alternative start location.  It saved some 300m of climb and 2-3km distance meaning that I could probably make it and that our youngest walker (3 years) would have a chance as well.


Dandongadale Falls
Cobbler 010.jpg
On the way to Lake Cobbler - the Dandongadale Falls
Cobbler 020.jpg
These falls have the longest drop in Victoria.
Cobbler 030.jpg
Cobbler 040.jpg
I'm sure they're better in Spring.
Cobbler 050.jpg
Lake Cobbler camp ground view.
Cobbler 060.jpg
Start of the walk - we chose the walk starting from
the Cobbler Lake Track.  It saved 300m climb
and 2-3km walk and also my legs.
Cobbler 070.jpg
A small track leads to un unofficial camp area
and walk start
Cobbler 080.jpg
Cobbler 090.jpg
Cobbler 100.jpg
Cobbler 110.jpg
Cobbler 120.jpg
Cobbler 130.jpg
Cobbler 140.jpg
Cobbler 150.jpg
Cobbler 160.jpg
Cobbler 170.jpg
The top of Mt Cobbler finally comes into view.
Cobbler 180.jpg
Cobbler 190.jpg
Cobbler 200.jpg
Cobbler 210.jpg
Starting young - but did they make it?
Cobbler 220.jpg
Still looks a long way to it.
Cobbler 230.jpg
And it's still looking high.
Cobbler 240.jpg
Cobbler 250.jpg
Cobbler 260.jpg
Cobbler 270.jpg
Cobbler 280.jpg
Cobbler 290.jpg
Cobbler 300.jpg
Top is just a short distance now.
Cobbler 310.jpg
Cobbler 320.jpg
At the top.
Cobbler 330.jpg
A bit higher - must be the "real" top of
Mt Cobbler.
Cobbler 340.jpg
Cobbler 350.jpg
Cobbler 360.jpg
Cobbler 370.jpg
Cobbler 380.jpg
Cobbler 390.jpg
Cobbler 400.jpg
Cobbler 410.jpg
Cobbler 420.jpg
Cobbler 430.jpg
Cobbler 460.jpg
Cobbler 470.jpg
Cobbler 480.jpg
Cobbler 490.jpg
Cobbler 500.jpg
Cobbler 510.jpg
Cobbler 530.jpg
Mt Bulla resort; not far as the crows fly.
Cobbler 540.jpg
Cobbler 550.jpg
Close view of Cobbler Lake
Cobbler 560.jpg
Camp area not visible.
Cobbler 570.jpg
Cobbler 580.jpg
Cobbler 590.jpg
Cobbler 600.jpg
Yes, some of us had to climb to the "real" top.
Cobbler 610.jpg
Made it.
Cobbler 620.jpg
Cobbler 630.jpg
Cobbler 640.jpg
Cobbler 650.jpg
Cobbler 660.jpg
Cobbler 670.jpg
Cobbler 680.jpg
Back again
Cobbler 690.jpg
And, yes, they made it all the way!

Lake Cobbler
Cobbler 700.jpg
Lake Cobbler - peaceful
Cobbler 710.jpg
Cobbler 720.jpg
Cobbler 730.jpg
Cobbler 740.jpg
Cobbler 750.jpg