Mt. Abrupt Walk


In general the Southern Grampians walks are tougher than those of the Northern Grampians, and this walk is no exception, as it has a return distance of 6.6 km  and a elevation gain of 480m. Certainly tough but not that bad, as we completed it.  At the start of the walk, the rock towering above you is not Mt Abrupt and the peak that you see most of until halfway through the climb is Signal Rock.  Looking north allows you to see the imposing Signal Rock and the Grampians Range as it fades into the distance.  This is a journey, as spectacular views can be enjoyed along the way, not just when you reach the peak of Mt Abrupt.  Try it, it's worth a go.


Walk/Location Map


Off the road and starting the walk   Information Board
  Easy slope at the start Good track as well
    Rock paths laid by the rangers are brilliant. 
Landslide area    
  Across the landslide face  
  Second crossing  
  First views of surrounding country side  
  No - Not the top  
    Pink Heath
    Orchid leaves
Pink Heath    
  Amazing rock stairway up  
Finally the ridge line has been reached    
    Signal Peak
    I think that's our goal
    Yes it is - there's the trig point
A long way yet    
  Great scenery!  
    The car park below
Yes, our car is there    
    The top is getting closer
    Signal Peak and Grampians Range - Great views
  Please be careful  
What has Mischa found A Midge Orchid  
The top, meters away   Made it!
  Heading back  
The end! 4.5 hours later  

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