Moonah Track Walk
Long Forest National Park


Moonah Track Walk:-

Covid-19 restrictions were just lifted and we can walk again outside our 5 km radius from home.  Long Forest is a great place for us and we decided to walk here as we have not done so for many a year,  so long ago I'm not sure we have anymore.
It turned out to be a short walk of only 1.5km but we enjoyed it.  The orange diamonds helped guide us around the walk and they were much appreciated.

Walk Map:-


Start of Walk Initially you walk behind a few houses - Dogs may bark!  
Arrow's help show the way Decision time!  I assume a round trip We chose left.
  Quite an open forest
    We reach a creek down the steep embankment
    Follow the path along its bank
I assume this means cross here   Yes, that seems easy to cross here
Well now, we have to cross back again - Why?    
  Uo the bank again  
Back into the forest    
  Car ahead, almost back The End!

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