Mafeking -
 Brownings Circuit Walk


We made this visit to see the gold monument. My grandfather had donated 1 pound to its building fund.  I suppose this was because my grandmother lived there through many of the gold rush years.  It was when we were here that we saw the walk and thought we must do it.  It is an easy enough walk but there are loads of old mine shafts and high erosion cliffs due to the mining.  No problems if you keep to the track.  It's a nice place for a picnic.


Walk/Location Map


General notice board Information board on Mafeking gold rush Gold cairn monument
Gold cairn monument    
    Start of walk just beyond the cairn.
Seems there are loads of hazards on this walk    
  An old shaft Fairly deep, not a good way to finish a walk
Regeneratred, eroded creek bed   Another danger sign
  Lots of bracken along the track; quite overgrown in places Old and secured mine shafts everywhere
    Bush recovered from recent fires
  In winter this bridge is very slippery, it was safer to go around  
Easy track to follow   Loads of erosion gullies that are now revegetated
Mine shaft and nearby erosion gully.    
  You always want to look to see how deep they are  
Epacris, Pink Heath    
We have gone only 800 m - seemed longer. Too many holes to look into? Necessary warnings, quite a drop off.
    More dense bracken
  Down into a erosion area  
  All seems quite natural now Up the other side. 
  Another slippery bridge. Inched our way across this one  
    The car, almost back
  Gold cairn monument Car park
Nice, modern loo! Good picnic area Goodbye

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