Langi Ghiran -
Easter Creek Lookout Walk


This is an uphill walk to the lookout via a fire trail and off-track bush bashing the last 500 metres if you want to get to the very top of Mt Langi Ghiran.  Our walk consisted of the walk along the fire trail.  This was around 2.5 km uphill  to a spur which gave views to the north.  We also bush bashed a short way for views to the west. 

You could add the Reservoir and Water Race walk to this trek, starting from the Campground car park for a full day walk.


Walk/Location Map


Start of the walk Car parking Initially a reasonable flat track
    But soon starts to go uphill
  Old water tank by the side of the track  
  As you can see, the track gets steep  
Steep and rocky track    
    A wedge tailed eagle flies past!
Still climbing    
    Another steep section
A small gap in the forest lets you see to the north   Sand mining
    What's this? A downhill section.
We turn back! We see an arrow - the way to the top  
A small track that soon peters out A big rock offers views to the West  
We move on towards to top   But with winter weather and time against us we head back
  A small cairn opposite the arrow Back down the hill to the car.

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