Langi Ghiran -
Reservoir and Water Race Walk


We  camped overnight and in the morning decided to explore the large rock face that we could see from our caravan.  We looked for an easy start and soon found a Kangaroo track that led quickly to what seemed to be a walking track.  It seemed a good idea to follow it and see where it went as we had a few hours to kill before we had to be elsewhere.  That was a good decision as this turned out to be a interesting walk.  The walk took us firstly to the nearby reservoir and the via a water race to a lookout.  We followed a road track which lead to the lookout area back to the main road and then back to our camp.


Location Map
Walk Map


Our starting point - a large rock area intrigued us. So off we went and soon found the real walking track Looking back to our caravan
In the distance a Kangaroo Zoomed-in Even Closer
  We were surprised - an old disused dam Well contructed
    Mt. Langi Ghiran rising high above us
  A very rocky valley - great for catching rain  
This is interesting  - a stile    
Taking a pic to send to the family    
  Huge flat rock area A pipeline - no doubt from the reservoir ahead
Do dams always have a pine plantation around them?    
Here we are - the reservoir Old and amazing structure. Great slabs of rock cut and shaped to make the wall
    Ah, another walk starts here
Yes, we'll watch out for ourselves    
  The usual problems on a bush walk  
  The first view of the Water Race  
Water Race Water Race Water Race
  Butterflies everywhere today  
Water Race    
  Water Race - walk continues on the other side of the bridge!  
More butterflies    
    The race turns and heads uphill
A very different construction, more like a gutter Probably that's all you need for this section Nearing the top - you can hear water flowing
  The pipe from somewhere, pity it has a bit of a leak And we are at  the top of the hill
  The lookout ahead  
  The lookout is perched on top of a large boulder  
Missing a bit of the hand rail - we Googled the walk and found the lookout was closed - no signs or tape here   Nearby we found a road track leading to the Water Race.
  Decided this was a good way to make a round trip of the walk  
  We met the main road.  Go left to climb Mt Langi Ghiran We went right
This part of the walk becomes a pleasant stroll along the road    
Interesting views along the way - Ararat in the distance    
  Our camp comes into view Camp area - reasonably flat with tables and fire places.
Yes - 2 toilets Ah!  The real start of the walk Information Board
  Walk map - Close-up from Information Board Back at Camp - the End

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