Lake Wartook Lookout

The walk to this lookout  starts some 5km past the famed Boroka Lookout. It is not marked on any maps I have seen; which is a shame as it's a great lookout.  You get to Boroka Lookout via a sealed road usually from Halls Gap, you continue up the Mt Difficult Rd which at this stage is now a reasonable dirt road some 5 km, where a small sign indicates the start of the walk.  Park on the side of the road and enjoy the views along the way to the lookout.  Well worth the effort.

General Area Map
Walk Map



Starting out A surprise - a rock path  
  a great path - Very well constructed quite obvious which way to go
Approaching the first viewpoint Lake Bellfield in the distance. Lake Lonsdale
Lake Fyans    
The Lookout is just ahead.   Lake Wartook
    Lake Bellfield
Some care is needed at the top    
  Way to the top - in this case the way down  
Heading back down    
  Amazing rock path - who did all this work!  
    Back at the start - an easy 40 minute walk with lots of time taken up with taking photographs

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