Hollow Mountain Walk


This is initially an easy walk up to the mountain rock walls on well made tracks. It then turns into a rock strewn walk with occasional rock scrambles.  To get to the very top a large boulder must be negotiated.  This seemed an easy thing to do for the young families that passed us, but I failed and had to admit defeat, perhaps next time I will be fitter and make it.  But today I had to turn around and head back down the mountain. 


Walk/Location Map


Start of walk An easy start along a wide flat track Hollow mountain in the distance
  Easy steps
Cliff views at every turn    
  Walk evolves into a rough rock strewn track  
  Rock faces all around  
    View towards the plains
  Worth a photo, Mt Zero in the distance  
    It's also a major rock climbing area
    Arrows mark the way
The hard bit of the walk Almost up but not quite Time to turn around and keep safe
    The end!

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