Gulgurn Manja Shelter walk


This short and easy walk starts from the Hollow Mountain car park.  At the start of the walk you must turn left for the rock art site.  The track forward leads to the Hollow Mountain walk.  The walk seems to follow an old track until the start of the rock wall, then its an easy walk over the rock face till you come to the art site.  The site is protected by law and fencing.  A few small signs tell you about the history of the rock art and also the tool making. Back to the car park is by retracing your steps.


Walk/Location Map


General Information Board at start of walk Actual start of walk Track is easy going, almost a road
A find! An old totally faded sign about something interesting I'm sure Hollow Mountain in the distance
  Beautiful banksia flowers  
    Can you see a face here?
Easy walking up the rock outcrop    
Shelter ahead    
Rock art shelter Ancient rock art  
    Views to the plains below
  Eroded rock faces abound in this area  
Some of the signs - photographed on the way out    
This is also a popular rock climbing and training area Plain views  
Heading back to the car.   Grevillea flower

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