Grampians: Pinnacle & Mt Rosea Walk

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Two walks were planned, one on Boxing day, the second for the day after. The walk from the Grampians Caravan Park to Mt Rosea Campground is around 8km, if you go via The Wonderland Turntable, The Pinnacle and then to the campground.  The second walk was to climb Mt Rosea from the Campground and return, some 10km.


The Start

The walk from the Wonderland Car park to the Pinnacle takes you through the magnificent Grand Canyon and Silent Street.  It's a 2.1km walk involving strenuous exercise - but well worth the energy output (sweat!)

Grand Canyon & Silent Street

Left: the Mt Rosea Campground, no water but does at least have drop toilets.

Right: A new walk has been made for the climb to the top of Mt Rosea, much longer but a bit easier and safer.

To the Campground   Climbing Mt Rosea