Golton Gorge Walk


We've wanted to do this walk for a while as its been some 25 years since we did it the first time.  But fires had been through and thus the area has been closed for a few years.  Driving past this year we noticed the road was open, so we drove in to see what was going on.  Nice car park and picnic area and yes a sign for a walk.  Time for lunch so we thought, lets stay here and add this walk to today's activities.  Due to the fires it seems that this walk has been re-thought and re-aligned and is now a 600 m return trip, rather than the old 2-3 km round trip.  It's a rough but well marked trail and you are rewarded with interesting views of the gorge  and  the plains below.


Walk/Location Map


Walk start  The car park and the picnic area
Heading off down the initially groomed path  Grampians thryptomene  Grampians thryptomene
  Down, across the creek 
    The track soon becomes a bush walk 
Gorge ahead, dangerous drops abound      
  Walk becomes quite rough in paces   
  Out onto the falls area.  Very slippery in the wet areas. 
Views out to the plains    
    Top of the gorge 
  Can you see a face here?  Back again 

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