Grampians Peaks Trail
Section: Borough Huts to Jimmy Creek


Covid restrictions were being eased and it was time to get outdoors and hike in the wilderness, somewhere!  A promise of a night free of children suggested an overnight walk in the Grampians.  The Grampians are an easy 2.5 hour drive from where we live.  So doing an overnight walk plus getting there and back would be possible without causing problems for our kid-sitters.  We chose to do part of the new Grampians Peak Trail which has been just launched recently and specifically the section from Borough Huts Campground to Jimmy Creek Campground via Mt William (Mt Duwil now).  The walk is around 35 km and involves a strenuous uphill section from Borough Huts, past a few peaks to the top of Mt William and then some undulations till you gradually descend again down to Jimmy Creek Campground.  We arranged a car pick-up to get us back again to our car at Borough Huts.
Unfortunately we got off to a slow start and arrived later than hoped for at the Borough Hut  and this put us behind schedule on the first day which meant we had to jump onto the bitumen road when we saw it almost meet the road which allowed us to walk quicker to the top of Mt William.  We decided to camp on the trail as we were not going to make designated campsite  before dark.  In the morning we set off early and made up lost time and found the downhill part of the walk easy to do.  Our car shuffle was seamless so we had some time left to have lunch and an ice-cream in Halls gap before heading back to Melbourne  and saving our kid-sitter!


Walk/Location Map
Day 1 - Details:
Time - 7:08 hrs.     Distance - 19.66 km     Pace - 21:47 min/Km   Total Ascent - 1350m  Total Descent - 769m
Day 2 - Details:
Time - 4:35 hrs.     Distance - 14.38 km     Pace - 19:08 min/Km   Total Ascent - 370m  Total Descent - 942m


Ready to leave Borough Huts   On the trial.
  Water point near the Redman road Trailhead Back on the track
A water race - what a surprise!  
  The water race must have been here awhile as it's all rusty  
Mt William, now Mt Duwil in the background    
Markers show the way.    
    First glimpse of Lake Bellfield
    Yellow makers tell me I'm on the right track
  Higher up the slope - the better view of Lake Bellfield  
  Love the views  
    nice steps Mr Ranger
    Taking in the wonderful views to Mt. William
    On the made road - leaving Mt William car park - Late
  Back to the walking track  
    Setting up - to late to get to proper camp safely
It was a great dinner   with dessert.
  Charging our Garmin watch  
Misty morning, first thing!    
  Steps on the edge!  
    Heading in the right direction!
  Easy walking on the 4wd track  
New campgrounds are quite good    
  Charging points for the phone, watch or whatever.  Very handy Almost down
    Car shuffle.

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