Lockdown over! Where to walk? Why not a local walk? Haven't walked at Firth Park for many years; what is it like now?  After a short drive we found the road in although dirt was in good condition much better than our last trip where it was bone jarring.  Firth park was in great condition and with new toilets.  However with the recent storms over Victoria there were many trees down and lots of damage.  A recent fire through the area had not helped at all.  Park's Vic crews seem to have been hard at work as the track to the old Anderson Mill looked to be open.
This walk is quite easy.  Nice undulating path, well defined to the old sawmill where there's a huge old sawdust pile. Once there you retrace your step back to Firth Park. Longer walks are available but we have not done any.


Walk Location Map
Walk Map


Information board Walk starting point. Walk sign.
Storm and fire damage   Track well defined and seemingly open
  Trees are recovering well  
    Ordoratum type Orchid flowering
    Potato Orchid starting
  Car track crossing No traffic today, probably every day
Bird orchid    
  Bridge Out! A bit wobbly, but we used it to get across
Not an option to use this as a crossing point.   The old mill
  Beard Orchid  
Sawdust pile    
Had fun, now to retrace our path back to Firth Park   Back again
    A break for coffee and a biscuit
  The pond is full  
  Horse yards are badly affected by the recent storm New Loo's - nice and clean
  Picnic shelter if it rains!  

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