Chatauqua Peak Circuit Walk
Including Clematis Falls
Grampians National Park


Chatauqua Peak Circuit Walk:-

Another walk revisited after 20 years.  I remember this a bit more than others we have done recently.  Clematis falls never seems to have water flowing, it a tough walk to the top on a reasonable track.  Getting to the actual Chatauqua Peak is a rock scramble that takes you close to the edge, but my rock horse is still there.  Getting back to the main track is still harder than getting in, it seems to me, climbing up is easier than sliding down the rocks.
But having said that the views are wonderful and it was an exciting walk/scramble out to the peak.
Heading down the other side of the mountain was on a very rocky track till you get to the main road when it gets to be nice again.

Walk Map:-


The real starting point of the walk Nice easy wide path The last fork is ours - heading up to the peak.
We'll make a detour to the Clematis Falls Still a good path  
Decsion point - keep going to Cematis Falls Rocky track
Clematics Falls - no water flowing today. Down the falls view Back to the Peak walk
    Rocks and steps here
  The views begin Boronia Peak in the distance
Mt William is a long way away!   Oh no! more steps
    Rock ledge serves as a lookout
  Halls gap, then Lake Bellfield and finally Mt William Looking towards Clematis Falls
At the top. View to the East View South
  Panorama at the top.  
View towards Chatauqua Peak - 300m onwards Getting to the actual peak is a rock scramble  
  A lizard sunning itself Forward view toward the peak
  Close-up - it was quite relaxed about this photo Still some way to go.
At the end The views are quite worth the effort  
    Lake Bellfield and Mt William way behind.
Signal - sending photos to family Riding the rock horse Looking back
  Panorama at Chatauqua Peak  
  That lizard again Some bits were harder on the way back
They looked steeper as well.   Back at the junction - heading right to complete the circuit.
  The track down is quite rocky  
  Chatauqua Peak up above us  
  A diversion if you want one  
  Across the road and downhill to Halls Gap  
  A Friends seat Part of the old tramway
    On the track that leads to Venus Baths
  Halls Gap Botanical Gardens  
    Back to the car park - bad weather is rolling in.

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