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3 Day Walk  -  Burchell Trail



We decided to walk the Burchell Trail over the Grand Final long weekend. This is a grade 3, 35km walk starting at Friday's Camp Ground, with our first overnight at the Old Mill, and then staying at the Little River before finishing at the Boar Gully Camp Ground.  We noticed that the reported kms for this walk varied from measuring using google maps and the reported distance of 39kms.

As we were 2 adults and 3 children, including a baby, we were training for a six day walk at Wilson's Prom over Cup weekend, particularly for our 4 year old boy.  To make it easier, we did a car shuffle each day to reduce the number of kms and to avoid sections of the trail we had walked before.  It also meant we didn't carry our camping gear, except for the short distance into Old Mill, as we weren't ready for that much exertion!

On the first day we walked the entire distance from Friday's to Old Mill, of about 10.5kms, a very big day for our 4 year old.  On day 2 we walked three separate sections - 1. we took a short cut from Old Mill to our car parked on Saw Pit road (just under 1km), 2. from Geelong-Ballan Road to the climb above Stony Creek Picnic Ground (about 3kms), 3. from McLeans Highway to Little River (about 3.5kms).  All these separate sections did halt the momentum of the walk, but being Grand Final day we had the opportunity to check the score at least.  All in all we walked about 7.5kms.  The final day we avoided the walk along McLeans Highway, and then walked from Quarry road to Boar Gully, which was about 8.5kms, and a nice change from the interrupted walk on day 2.

Overall it was a great experience and prepared us well for Wilson's Prom!  Having seen many sections of the walk previously we were surprised to see how lovely the sections we hadn't seen before were, particularly on day 1.

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Fun at Friday's Camop Ground    
  Heading off for the 3 day walk on the Burchell Trail  
At our camp - now to go to the car for all our stuff!     
    The first car shuffle
Old Mill Camp Ground    
    A Spider Orchid, a surprising find!
    Day 2 car shuffle
Little River Bush Walk-in Campground and Picnic Area    
Getting ready for day 2 car shuffle    
    My turn to take a photo? 
   I see the car - we have made it Did they ask to do it again? 

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