Boronia Peak Walk


It was time to get out and explore again.  We free camped nearby to Halls Gap and decided the Boronia Peak walk would be good to do as we had not done it for at least 25 years.  Looking at our old maps even the track has been re-routed but not all that upgraded.  This time we left from the Brambuk Cultural Centre, which was unfortunately closed, so no coffee to start our trek.
From Brambuk it was an easy 1 kilometre walk on a groomed track to the  end of  Tandara Road where we took the track to meet up with the Boronia Trail and a bit further on we hit the Boronia Peak Track, which is the real start of the walk.  The peak lookout is a 5 km return walk, with a bit of rock scrambling at the end.
Unfortunately when we finally arrived at the top it started to rain and this continued until we got back to the car.
In general, the walk is uphill all the way there and then downhill all the way back.


Walk/Location Map


Brambuk Car Park  Track to Tandara Rd. A nice easy stroll along a well made path 
Alternative walks    In town and there's still wildlife about 
The other side of the valley.     Somewhere up that hill is our lookout
  Approaching Tandara Rd.  More Emus 
  Start of walk at the end of Tandara Rd.  Down the hill and over the bridge 
    We head left 
    I think that's the Pinnacle up there! 
  The main walking track along the valley  Turning left along the wide fire trail 
This is the start of the uphill part to the top.     
Steps, yes, there are plenty to come.     
  Orchids growing beside the track  Another one in the middle - might not make it.
The track is often rough in places     
    More steps 
Halls Gap in the distance     
  Halls Gap in the distance   Halls Gap in the distance  
  Our goal in the distance  Looking towards Lake Fyans 
    White Capped Robin 
Crimson Rosella     
    Quite steep and rough 
  Lake Lonsdale in the distance   
Yes, the steps keep coming.      
    Interesting views 
  Nearing the top   
    The last 10 metres 
    At the top 
Starting to rain     
    Halls Gap in the distance  
    Heading back down to the car, in the rain. 

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