Beauchamp Falls Walk
- The Otways


Beauchamp Falls Walk -

A short walk to the bottom of the falls, so therefore it's downhill then back up again.  Being in the Otway's the walk passes through tall trees with an understory of ferns which makes it a very scenic walk.  Some steps involved in the 2.5km round trip.

Walk Map:-


A lovely drive into the falls area   Leaving the car-park to start the walk
Start of walk sign Ferns and big trees - always a delight.  
    Interesting signs along the way.
Ferns abound along the track down to the falls    
A very old seat - wouldn't trust it myself Interesting signs along the way.  
  Down to the Look-out Great place to swim it would seem
    The look-out view
Soft Tree Ferns growing on the shear walls of the falls    
Heading back to the start   Car-park ahead.

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