Antimony Mine & Mt. Sugarloaf Walk.

This is a moderate walk, with some steeper sections of  track, both up and down.  A reasonable time to complete the walk is around 4 - 5 hours, depending on your fitness.

The walk starts at the end of Antimony Mine Road, which is off the Coimadai-Diggers Rest Road, where you see the sign (left).  (GPS - S37o 34.936/E144o 30.413)

To start the walk, head up the hill and turn left through the gate (700M). (GPS S37o 34.747/E144o 30.508).

Continue keeping left at the first intersection until you reach the first valley (GPS  - S37o 33.947/E144o 30.665) The road left goes down to the mine site, the road up goes to the Mt Sugarloaf point.

This is a good walk especially if you have a dog to take, the mine is an interesting area to look around and good views are to be had from the mount.  It is quite typical of walks in the Pyrete range.

The path is easy to walk on and the forest open and delightful.

On the road to the mine you pass this interesting "bridge" - a wire mesh bridge. (GPS S37o 33.606/E144o 29.764)  It looks suspect, but it seems to hold your weight.  I chose to walk around the bridge.  On this track you will need to cross the creek a few times; some points are badly eroded and care is needed.
When you get to the mine site, you first notice the tin sheets, then across the creek, the remains of a rock crusher. (GPS S37o 33.452/E 144o 29.706)
Then as you walk you see some old tunnels, half filled in.  Its best to look in, rather than go in - take care.



The crusher in close-up.  From bottom (left) and top down (right).

Take time to look at the flowers and animal life that you can spot along the way.  Orchids are found along the way on this treck.

Retracing your path to the valley, take the path to the mount.  At the top a stone cairn has been made, so you can get your photo taken at the absolute highest point.  The views are good - but you need to find a break in the trees/bushes to find them.  Above - Mt Bullengarook, below left - Bacchus Marsh in the distance.  Retrace your steps to the car-park.
  Homeward bound, Melton's water tower straight ahead.  The gates just around the corner and down a wee way!
Check out "Jack's Track Notes" by Jack Myers for historical notes.

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