St Columba Falls Walk         



Another great short walk - part of Tasmania's 60 Great Walks.  Walk 49.

The walk starts at the top of the valley opposite the falls and descends down to the valley floor where the waterfall is seen from a viewing point at the bottom.  So this means of course that it's an uphill slog back to the car park.  Glimpses of the falls can be seen at some points along the way.  The walk passes through thick rainforest with an abundance of Fern trees along the way.

A very worthwhile short walk.  RA Approved!

Location:  North East Tasmania


The Start.    
First glimpse of the falls - only a couple of hundred meters in.    
Read the little display signs - they are quite informative.    
On the way back you see things differently.    
Take a break and while getting your breath back - read the interesting notice board. As we were intent on beating a bus load of tourists to the falls, we failed to notice the falls can be seen quite easily from the lower car park near the start of the walk.