Spion Kop Lookout
- Queenstown


We saw this lookout mentioned on a Google search for things to do in Queenstown.  So the address was plugged into our GPS an off we went.  Approaching the car park we realised that it was small and not really suitable for a car pulling a caravan.  Wish there was a sign about that!  Fortunately no one else was there or even came and a 3 point turn was executed.  The track to the lookout was initially flat, however the final leg to the top was extremely steep.  At the top you are welcomed by a bright yellow viewing area.  There are lots of information signs on why the lookout is called Spion Kop and also what points of interest are located where.  There's even a cannon to round out the display. One question I had was how do you play football on a gravel playing field? Carefully I suppose! It was an interesting stop off made more so as we found an orchid growing on the hill on the way down.


Location Map
Walk Map

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The car park to the right Road up My parking spot
A bit of mining history   Lots of information on all aspects of the lookout
  The cannon
Notice the anti-slip strips on the path - it was steep   An old Toposcope is located here as well
  Local football field  
  The orchid A very nice greenhood

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