People's Park - Hogarth Falls


It was an overcast day, with showers coming and going.  But we were here so we may as well go for a walk.  The car park was great if you didn't have a caravan in tow, so we had to park outside and walk a short distance to the gate.  The facilities looked good and the usual sign denoted the start of the walk.  The path was well made and flat with boardwalks in the wet areas.  The boardwalks even had faux grass on them perhaps for safety and certainly for aesthetics.  There were quite a few signs denoting the various history aspects and plant species.  The falls themselves were roaring with mist blanketing the area making getting a good photograph near impossible due to water on the lens.  As usual you retrace your steps back to the start.  This time we noticed an orchid on the way.  How did we miss it going in! Easily I would say.


Location Map
Walk Map

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Park entrance   A parrot watches us go by
    great facilities
Walk signs Another great walk we are doing Off we go!
  Well made paths  
  The forest looks great when wet  
Tree Fern    
Great looking fungi Boardwalk with faux grass  
    Fish bone water fern
  Clear, but very brown water  
Raining again    
  Hard Water Fern  
    The falls - Hogarth Falls
Stairs down to the creek    
Roaring falls    
    Heading back out
  Orchids a plenty - Chiloglottis gunnii Walk completed

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  Chiloglottis gunniii  
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