Sawpit and Organ Pipes Track Walk
Mt Wellington


Parking on Pinnacle Rd is very difficult and to safely park near Sawpit Walking Track we had to go 1 km up the road.  We were doing the walk as on our last trip there were interesting orchid leaves seen.  Sawpit Track is rocky, steep and difficult.  The orchid season this year was late and dry so it was with disappointment that at the GPS points we had recorded, we could find nothing of interest. At the top of the track at the Organ Pipes Track we considered our options and decided the best way back to the car was to go along the Organ Pipes Track to the Chalet and then back down the Pinnacle Rd to our car.  It was obvious that the Organ Pipes Track had been recently upgraded as it was an easy walk back to the Chalet.  Walking back to the car on Pinnacle Rd required care as it is a busy road up to the top of the mountain.  We did find an orchid flowering and found lots of mating crickets.


Location Map
Walk Map

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The start - Sawpit Walking Track Near the top - very steep Good views from the Organ Pipes Track
  Recently upgraded  
  Hobart in the distance
    Close-up of map at Chalet
Walking back along Pinnacle Rd.    
    Back near the car

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Mating Crickets    

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The orchid we saw:-    
  Pterostylis melagramma  

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