Marakoopa Cave


We did the King Solomon's Cave and guide told us that the Marakoopa Cave is relatively close by and we could get to the last tour and get a good discount on it.  We took the challenge and got to the Marakoopa Cave ticket office and were in time for the last tour but we would have to hurry as we would needed to take the Fern Glade walking track to the cave itself as we could have problems taking our caravan to the final car park.  So we rushed!  It hindsight it was a great little walk and well worth doing.  When we got to the car park we wondered about the advice given.  Not to worry we had to get to the cave entrance which was still a short walk away.  Yes, we made it with a couple of minutes to spare.  The guide gave us his pre-cave pep talk and off we went.  The cave has lots to offer and is different to King Solomon's as was the guide who gave a great presentation.


Location Map
Walk Map

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Got our ticket Off to the cave by the walking track  
This is a classic rain forest walk    
A great path Lots of ferns
A modern bridge Looking upstream Looking downstream
  Across the creek again  
At the car park  No problems with parking here Down this path to the caves
    Around the corner to the cave entrance
Guide and tour party Into the cave we go  
Water pools    
  A thin straw stalagtite A very fragile stalagmite
Close up Encased in glass for protection  
  A creek runs through the cave  
Rushing water    
    Heading back out
Track back to the car park   Fossil sculpture
    Back to our car

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