Hastings Cave


We were on a day trip to see the caves and do a walk or two in the area.  When we arrived at the Cave Information Centre to buy our tickets to the cave tour we noticed a road building gang getting ready to work.  Well the road was closed and we would be taken by bus, the few kilometres to the cave car park. This option was only going to happen for a few days till the road works were completed.  At the appointed time all the passengers got in and we were taken under escort to the caves car park.  A short walk was then required to get to the cave meeting area.  At the scheduled tour time the guide appeared and told us about the cave  and some of the do's and don'ts, before we slowly climbed down the stairs to the cave floor and started our tour.  It was a great little tour with all the stories of the past and some useful cave facts.  At the end we climbed back up the stairs and were meet by the next tour waiting patiently to have their turn.  That meant the bus was there to take us back to the Information Centre.


Walk/Location Map
Walk/Location Map

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Road works ahead The bus to take us to Hastings Cave At the car park
The bus heading back An interesting sign - should we go ahead?  
  Lovely big trees
  Ferns and trees - a magical formula  
Stairs up to the meeting place    
Cave entrance   Cave details
Guide imparting information re the cave Details of all the caves in the area Through the door and down we go
A broken stalactite (or mite) for a hands on feel    
    Guide explaining cave formations
Ready to go out The stairway out Back up the stairs
Looking backwards into the cave Back outside Time to head off for our next adventure

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