Hartz Mountain Walk



Another great short walk - part of Tasmania's 60 Great Walks.  Walk no. 12

We enjoyed this walk many years ago and were happy to do it again when it was suggested.  This time we had only half a day to do it rather than the full day stroll we had done previously.

When we arrived it was a surprise to see how much work had been done to improve the facilities - the day shelter is quite large with modern toilets - easily beating the old days , hands down, which was easy as I can't remember anything being there.  After registering, which took awhile as we had to read all the comic notes on the book, off we went.  As you would have realised it was all uphill to the top and then thankfully all downhill, but with the new and extended duck-boards it was easy going most of the way.  There is only one small section where you need to work hard - a rocky section of track, through thick bush, which climbs rapidly from one level to the next level - it's more like climbing than walking.

The two little lakes/tan's provided interesting breaks on the way to the top.  Along the final ridge line you can see far across the western wilderness.  Famous landmarks are easily recognised by experience Tassie walkers - Peaks like Precipitous Bluff, Federation Peak and the Eastern Arthurs as well as the Western Arthurs and more.  After a rock scramble over the last couple of hundred meters the views from the top were wonderful, nothing seemed to have changed here at least. 

Heading back down was easy walking, except for that darn middle bit, which was still a scramble made more difficult because you were going down rather than up this time - our walking pole certainly helped us here.  Checking out the registration book provided more comic relief and also showed we had made good time.

A great walk.  RA Approved!

Location:  Southern Tasmania


Day Shelter and registration     
  Must be the top as I can see 2 people up there.  
    Start of the rough section 
  As I hope you can see, Mischa is directly below me - it's steep and rocky.  
    The Top - now for the downhill section!