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South Coast Walk


I can only agree that when people say this is one of the worlds great wilderness walks, it's true.  The walk is 83km long and around 5 to 9 days long, skirting along the southern coastline of Tasmania through one of the largest temperate wilderness areas in the world. The track is along duck boards, often under water and normal tracks, often made muddy by the huge rainfall the area experiences at any time of the year.  There are basically no services along the track, apart from a few toilets at the major campsites. You'll need a spade for sure. After all it is a wilderness experience! 


Following the coastline, the track crosses 2 mountain ranges which avoids some of the harsh coastal areas and also encompasses long sections of open plains and only via the coast where there are  nice beaches to walk.  There are many streams to cross without the aid of bridges, these are usually knee deep and the use of hand ropes is required.  These cannot be crossed in times of flood - you need to wait awhile for the water to reside to a fordable depth.  Signs are  at all the crossing to help you remember.  One river also has a boat crossing.  Here 2 boats are stationed and it's your responsibility to ensure a boat is left on each side as you depart.


The walk can be done 2 ways.  It is deemed best if you start at the Melalueca airfield far inland in the South West National Parkand and walk to the other end at Cockle Creek, 130 km south of Hobart.  Here you can get a bus back to Hobart.  Be careful it can be full and leave you stranded for a day or so. Getting to Melalueca is by a chartered flight which will operate most days.  These flights operate in good weather only and this is the basic reason you start at this point.  Its best to be holed up in Hobart in a great restaurant than at Melalueca with little or no food.


There is none!  You need to take it all with you, breakfast, lunch, dinner and sweets.  Your clothes, for all 4 seasons you will experience, bedding, tents, lighting and fuel stoves ( no fires allowed) - everything you need and remember you take your rubbish out with you as well.  Another important question is what will you do in an emergency?  Sat phone perhaps - your decision.



Day 1   Day 2    Day 3    Day 4    Day 5,6&7


Day 1   Day 2    Day 3    Day 4    Day 5,6&7