Goblin Forest Walk


Heading west and noted this in the great walks book and decided to detour and see what the Goblin Forest walk was like.  I missed the part where it was stated to be only 400 metres long.  This walk is well off the main road and the last section indicated that it was not suitable for a caravan; we took note and left ours parked quite safely on the edge of the road.  We could see why it was designated a no-go road for caravans.  When we got to the walk car park it was pouring rain so we sat back in our car and had lunch before heading out.   It was chilly but not raining when we set off through the lovely rain forest and stayed that way till the end.  The end unfortunately came all too quickly as it is only a 400 metres (if that) long. It was an enjoyable walk while it lasted.  There were other longer walking/cycling tracks starting from the car park but we were short of time and headed off to the east coast to camp.


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Walk Map

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The Blue Tier is a great bike riding area There are also so great short and long walks Here's a short one
The start Picnic area Shelter shed
Rain forest walk  
Information signs    
  Intersection - we turn right Love this lichen
  Back to main dirt road in - head right Car park ahead
More information That was a good short walk!  

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