Evercreech Walk



Another great short walk - part of Tasmania's 60 Great Walks.  Walk 51.

Two walks originate at the car park/picnic grounds.  They can be looped together to form one longer walk as one starts close to where the other finishes.

The main walk is to the "White Knights".  These are 4 very large (approx 90m/ 295 feet high) white gum trees - the tallest white gums in the world.  They are very impressive and are actually taller than the Big Trees in the Styx Valley.  They are still with us as the early settlers/loggers found them to big to cut down and haul away.  When technology caught up with them and they were threatened, along came some dedicated people who saved them and the bush around them as well for all of us to enjoy.

The walk can be a short 20 minute return on a well graded track or a loop walk which incorporates a bit of hill climbing.  Along the loop walk you can see the "white Knights" from a high vantage point, which allows you to really appreciate their size.  The various habitats that you encounter along this loop are delightful and should not be missed.

The second walk is a more natural walk on narrow forest tracks - it follows the creek along and up to the small Evercreech Falls and back to the carpark via the opposite side of the creek.  This is generally through rainforest environment with loads of ferns and creepers.  This walk takes around 40 minutes and has one  creek crossing.  The creek crossing involves rock hopping on the large rocks strategically placed in the stream to get across - a wire hand hold is added to aid your crossing.

A very worthwhile short walk.  RA Approved!

Location:  North Tasmania


    Start of the second walk.