Dove Lake Walk
Cradle Mountain 2019


It's been awhile since we were here last, some 20 years ago in fact.  Younger and fitter, we climbed to the top of Cradle Mountain.  This time, however, we felt that the Dove Lake walk would be fine, given that it snowed a few days earlier leaving the mountain with snow covered peaks and the areas ability to change the weather in hours.   Coming up from Strahan in the south the day before we saw some great views of Cradle Mountain  from afar.  I've added these the the walk photos below.
Twenty years ago we drove directly to the Dove Lake car park.  Times change and this time we had to park at the Visitor's Centre and get a pass to visit the area which also acted as a bus ticket.  To get to the walks now, depending on the time of day, you are bused to the start of the various walks and places of interest.  There were lots of people there and our bus soon became quite full with many people having to stand the whole journey to Dove Lake.  At the lake we registered for the walk and headed off.
You would expect some improvements after 20 years and we were not disappointed.  Glacier rock has a great viewing platform and the boardwalks along most of the walk are brilliant.
The walk was great, the only sad part was half my lunch was stolen by a Currawong - hope it enjoyed it, I'm sure I would have! The views of the lake and mountains were excellent at all the stages around the lake, all different, all beautiful.
Back at the start we signed off the register and lined up for the bus to take us to our next adventure.


Location Map
Walk Map

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Black Bluff Range Lookout    
View from the Black Bluff Range lookout Cradle Mountain in the distance Quite cold - snowed yesterday
Cradle Mountain Toposcope or Orientation Table Cradle Mountain

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Dove Lake Walk    
The new car park.    Bus station  Walker's registration hut 
Graphic, showing the possible walks  Walker registration area  How to dress and what to take.  Not many day walkers took advice.
We did! But didn't need to in the end. 
It was a great day for a walk 
Dove lake car park
A sign at many of the Tasmanian walks.  Good work!  Heading down to the lake edge to start the walk   
  Information signs  Our Walk 
The start of our walk  Starting 'Runkeeper' to see how far we walk   
Cradle Mountain - the focal point of the walk    
  Looking back to the start   
    Glacier Rock  - the Boathouse in the distance
Glacier Rock lookout.  I took theirs, they took ours  
Long shot of the boat house     
A well signposted walk     
Side track to waters edge     
  Back on walking track   
    Another side track to the lake 
    Back on Dove lake walk 
  That's a large waterfall   
    Pandanis even here! 
  Good spotting Mischa, an echidna   
    Where did he go? 
easy html5 video by v3.9.1
easy html5 video by v3.9.1
Lunch spot!    Time for lunch - watch out for the Currawongs, Colin.
Getting warm, time to reassess our clothing options    
    Looking back across the lake 
    There were a few lunch spots in the area  
    Bridge over a small creek 
  Beautifully clear water   
    Great boardwalk 
    Ballroom Forest 
  Lunch thief's mate - a Currawong   
 Eyeing us off closely - any food!  Our food is bad for you - so we never feed it to wildlife   
easy html5 video by v3.9.1
Heading home - but still looking back on great views of Cradle Mountain     
    Another viewpoint - another exchange of photos 
Interesting to get up close and see that waterfall better     
Boathouse in the far distance     
    Helicopters were flying overhead all day 
easy html5 video by v3.9.1
  Glacier point, from the other side   
    The famous Boathouse 
It's what they do.    Having acknowledged their presence they moved on  To allow us to get the photos we wanted 
Lots of people walk directly to here for photos    `
  Car park in sight   
    Back at start  - 3.5 hours later
Car park - quite empty due to the busing option  Must sign off to ensure no one thinks you're lost out there!   Waiting in the bus queue

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