Ben Lomond

Ben Lomond, 1,570 m AHD (5,151 feet), is a mountain in the north of Tasmania. It is east of Launceston in the Ben Lomond National Park, and is one of two skiable mountains in Tasmania.  Its accessibility from Launceston, together with the existence of a ski village on the plateau, make Ben Lomond an all year round favourite for tourists and hikers. Access to the village and summit can be made via several walking tracks or via a zig-zag road known as "Jacob's Ladder".  The name is taken from the Scottish mountain of the same name.
Ben Lomond - the mountain in the distance Close-up from afar.
Driving to the top of Ben Lomond Dolerite rock columns
Rock slide from long long ago. Towards the top on the Zig-Zag road - Jaccob's ladder tolocals.
Beautiful alpine vegetation on the Ben Lomond plateau Jaccob's Ladder - the road up as seen from the top.
View from the edge. Rocks - Rocks everywhere!
Ski Village The summit and yes, still snow in early January - in Australia's Summer
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View from the top!