Kimba and the
Roora Walking Trail


Kimba is around halfway between Melbourne and Perth so the sign says.  It's a great place to stop on the way over, from either direction.  The local pub has good meals and the local sports area is a great, 5 star, free camp area, then you have the amazing silo art and for me the Roora Walking Trail.  The trail start just across the road from the free camp and passes through good bush country.  Highlights of the trail include the many sculptures along the way with short loops, like Bird Walk Way and Axe Tree Way, which you can use to extend or shorten you walk.  Eventually the trail goes uphill to the White's Knob Scenic Lookout and the wonderful Edward John Eyre Statues.  Here you return via the small caves area and back down the trail leading up. 

Always take water with you!

Map - Kimba and Roora walk
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Halfway signs    
The glorious big pink Galah.   A must stop for a photo to send home
  Funny doors to the loo's inside the great shop.
Love the silo art    
Free camp - a great place to stop for the night    
Start of the Roora walk    
Steel Emu.  Brilliant work.    
Wombat - larger than life Snake  
    Echidnas - feeding on the bull ants!
  Kangaroo's - looking alert  
    An Eagle!
    A real one here - shingleback lizard
    Rest area?
Bridge over? An old watertrough Water does flow sometimes - look at the debris.
  Walk to the hilltop Edward John Eyre Statues
  Edward John Eyre Statues  
Looking down on the town of Kimba    
Track to the small caves    
  Off-shoot trail  
    Another extra loop you can take
  Mallee Fowl  
    Back out again.

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