Larapinta Walk


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Welcome to the showcase of our Larapinta walk photo in the Northern Territory.

The walk took 15 days and started from the end of the walk, Mt Sonder which is 223km from Alice springs.  We carried a few days of supplies and camping gear with us and relied on camp stops along the way for water and food drops.  The photographs below are a summary of the actual trip. For the full photo story see the daily trip reports on the main menu.

Please enjoy!
D1 IMG_5613.jpg
Day 1 - the starting point
D1 IMG_5638.jpg
D1 IMG_5651.jpg
D2a IMG_5739.jpg
Day 2 - Sect 12, Daybreak at Mt Sondor
D2a IMG_5750.jpg
D2a IMG_5763.jpg
D2b IMG_5796.jpg
Day 2 - Sidetrip to Redbank Gorge
D2b IMG_5806.jpg
D2b IMG_5811.jpg
D2b IMG_5838.jpg
D2c IMG_5859.jpg
Day 2: Sect 11, Redbank Gorge to Rocky Bar Gap
D3a IMG_5872.jpg
Day 3: Section 11 cont,_Rocky Bar Gap to Glen Helen Junction
D3a IMG_5877.jpg
D3a IMG_5899.jpg
D3b IMG_5942.jpg
Day 3:  Sidetrip to Window in the Rock
D3c IMG_5975.jpg
Day 3: Section 10, Glen Helen Junction to Ormiston Gorge
D3c IMG_5982.jpg
D4a IMG_6087.jpg
Day 4: Sidetrip to Ormiston Gorge
D4a IMG_6103.jpg
D4a IMG_6114.jpg
D4b IMG_6170.jpg
Day 4:  Section 9, Ormiston Gorge to Waterfall Gorge
D4b IMG_6191.jpg
D4b IMG_6215.jpg
D5a IMG_6253.jpg
Day 5: Section 9 cont, Waterfall Gorge to Serpentine Chalet Dam
D5a IMG_6288.jpg
D5a IMG_6316.jpg
D5b IMG_6334.jpg
Day 5: Sidetrip to Serpentine Chalet Dam
D5c IMG_6353.jpg
Day 5: Section 8, Serpentine Chalet Dam to Serpentine Gorge
D5c IMG_6356.jpg
D6a IMG_6366.jpg
Day 6:  Sidetrip to Serpentine Gorge
D6a IMG_6370.jpg
D6a IMG_6383.jpg
D6b IMG_6409.jpg
Day 6:  Section 7, Serpentine Gorge to Ellery Creek
D6b IMG_6416.jpg
D6b IMG_6420.jpg
D7a IMG_6441.jpg
Day 7:  Sidetrip to Ellery Creek Big Hole
D7a IMG_6462.jpg
D7a IMG_6473.jpg
D7b IMG_6498.jpg
Day 7:  Section 6, Ellery Creek to Rocky Gully
D7b IMG_6506.jpg
D7b IMG_6508.jpg
D8a IMG_6570.jpg
DAy 8:   Section 6 cont, Rocky Gully to Hugh Gorge
D8a IMG_6573.jpg
D8a IMG_6578.jpg
D9a IMG_6759.jpg
Day 9:  Section 5, Hugh Gorge to Birthday Waterhole
D9a IMG_6789.jpg
D9a IMG_6824.jpg
D10a IMG_6828.jpg
Day 10:  Sidetrip to Birthday Waterhole
D10b IMG_6840.jpg
Day 10:  Section 4, Birthday Waterhole to Standley Chasm
D10b IMG_6844.jpg
The rains came and Day 11 was awash-out.  We were close enough to Alice Springs.  So we made our way there to review our options.  Fortunately the rains slowed/stopped and allowed us to complete the walk.
D12a IMG_6878.jpg
Day 12:  Section 1Telegraph Station to Simpson's Gap
D12a IMG_6883.jpg
D12a IMG_6893.jpg
D12b IMG_6946.jpg
Day 12:  Sidetrip to Simpson's Gap
D13a IMG_6972.jpg
Day 13:  Sidetrip to Simpson's Gap
D13a IMG_6981.jpg
D13a IMG_6987.jpg
D13b IMG_6999.jpg
Day 13:  Section 2,  Simpson's Gap to Mulga Camp
D13b IMG_7009.jpg
D13b IMG_7038.jpg
D14a IMG_7075.jpg
Day 14:  Section 2 cont, Mulga Camp to Jay Creek
D14a IMG_7095.jpg
D14a IMG_7100.jpg
D14b IMG_7169.jpg
Day 14:  Section 3, Jay Creek to Miller's Flat
D14b IMG_7233.jpg
D14b IMG_7277.jpg
D15a IMG_7352.jpg
Day 15:   Section 3 cont, Miller's Flat to Standley Chasm
D15a IMG_7373.jpg
D15a IMG_7405.jpg
D15a IMG_7417.jpg
D15b IMG_7433.jpg
Day 15:  Sidetrip to Standley Chasm
D15c IMG_0033.jpg
Day 15:  Sidetrip to Brinkley Bluff
D15c IMG_0037.jpg
D15c IMG_7434.jpg
Just a hop, skip and jump back to Alice Springs and home.