The Ruined Castle Walk - Blue Mountains

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It started out a short walk, but when it rained, then hailed, with loud thunderclaps we somehow made it into a rather long walk, time wise.  We sheltered under rocks for awhile, the thunder intensifying as it echoed around the mountains!

Overall it is a good walk, just try for a sunny day, please.

Right: Happy walkers start out!

    The Rain Starts
The clouds move in! The Hail begins!  
  Lunch, between rain showers. Orchids jump out to greet us.
  So does a Cicada. The "Ruined Castle" is just above.
  We were starting back, when the hail started again and this time with THUNDER.

We all rushed back to the safety of the rock overhang.  And Waited!

  The end and the Sun somehow emerges again to make our ride home easier.