Sandstone Cave Walk



A Parks Ranger was coming towards us on a 4wd track in the Pilliga as we were photographing orchids.  He stoped to chat and after awhile he mentioned that there was a great walk nearby and that you walked around a large sandstone outcrop which has deep significance to the local aboriginal population and because of this there was little information on the walk and the access road to the walk was not sign-posted.  When we finished our photography we decided to find this walk.  Although not sign-posted it was a good road in and there was a large car park and a few large information boards to tell you about the history, the gelology and the walk itself.
Sandstone formations are always fun to walk around.  They always show off great errosion patterns and small cave structures to look into and around and this walk had them all.  The walk is 1.7km long and depending on your fitness and how many photo stops you take can be from 1 to 2 hours long.

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Pilliga Sandstone walk - access road Information board - Walk details The start of the walk
Initially the tracks moves through short scrub before hitting the main sandstone outcrop.  
  Grinding Groves - Informatiuon panel Grinding Groves
Grinding Groves    
    Lizards - Information panel
Local annimals - Information panel    
  Amazing cave-like area  
  Carving - Information panel  
  Lizard Walk end

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