Mt. Keira Walk.


We were in Sydney for a weekend, visiting family, so we had decided to go south via Wollongong to have a relaxing lunch take an easy walk with views and lush forest.  The weather had turned sunny after a lot of rain so off we went.

Mt Keira is 440m high and a focal point for Wollongong.  It was formed as part of the Illawarra escarpment fold between 80 and 60 million years ago  The majority of the mountain is forested with eucalypt (sclerophyll) forest and sub-tropical rainforest.  Walks start halfway up the mountain and there are a number of variations possible.

Join us:

Walks start at the start - and that's where the map is! Across the field and up we go. Soon a orchid appears on the track, we photograph it- some walk on and wait.
The peak is where we are headed for But not before we go down and around and thru' the rain forest A strong climber Epiphytes, high in the tree tops.
The trees thin and a view bursts out A long shot - Darn the rain is starting! Looking down South This is a shot of where we started - just near the oval.
At the top the Cafe was shut but the view was open.  We turn right at one point and cut the walk short by mistake - so disappointing. As you can see the rain just didn't stop Interesting sculptures, but you don't look to closely when you're wet through. Yes another orchid - but different.
Back at the car, the sun starts shinning again Rain, rainforests often mean Leeches.  Sometimes big fat ones Well that's after they had oodles of my blood! I counted 15 bites, Mischa had 3 the kids had 1 between them.  I was annoyed for the next week. The Chemist's super lotion was very disappointing to say the least.