Kanangra Boyd National Park - Plateau Walk
This area is a fair way from Sydney - we took some 4 hours.  We took the scenic route via the Blue Mountains then onto Jenolan with its limestone caves and tortuous road in and out.  To make matters worse we went on the day they held the 6 foot track run - the town was packed with runners and supporters.  A lot showing the signs of wear after running a marathon in real bush country.  We even got directed up one way streets the wrong way to allow passage thru' town.  It was another 30 odd kilometres of dirt  road after we left the black-top, this also slowed us a bit as well.  We arrived mid afternoon and headed straight out to the Plateau walk.
The start - the car park has good facilities and toilets. Read the signs they may help you - yes we expected to be near a cliff The start looked easy and so it was for a few meters.  
Heading down looking up - a sign of what's to come Great cliff faces and views That's where we're heading - on the top of the cliff face we can just see behind the trees.
Sydney and it's sandstone is always magnificent!

Views along the way are just a teaser!

Ah! what have we found -an orchid what else would you expect from us?
a lovely Wasp orchid.   You go down you must go up!  
  Keep your eyes open and there's lots to photograph - not just cliffs.   Close enough was my thoughts.
The valley - shaped for thousands of years is fantastic to see.

The Plateau is open in front of us and is equally impressive.


But the size and shape and height of the cliff faces are magic!

  Back along the face we had just been standing on.   Straight down a long, very long way
As you can see.   Slowly a new valley comes into focus.  The waterfalls can be seen thru' the haze quite well - they seem to drop hundreds of meters to the next shelf before doing all over again.
The heath is quite tall along the walk and at time keeping to the track is difficult - it's a matter of where did it go.  It's easy to get lost in this stuff - so keep together.  
Ahead Right Left  
Only 10m away and already you can see him disappearing into the heath.   The area showed lots of moisture around - keeping the mosses wet.  
    This was for us a find of the day - a Hunchback orchid.  They are not seen in Victoria at all.  This was a far as we went - you can walk another 40km if you want - we had gone far enough and headed back for the car and dinner in Katoomba.
A great Day and Walk for the family. This must be one of the great walks of NSW - Fantastic views not equalled anywhere else. Back