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This is part 2 of the story of our trip, this part is to London in May of 2015.  It was part of a round the world trip that included France, London
and the USA (New York, Niagara Falls, Canyon Country and the Tall Trees)

This is Day 4 of our trip to London - Final Day.


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Day - 4 Orchid Searching and Photography       Day-4
We had planned this day back home in Melbourne, Australia and knew where we were going.  Hopefully the orchids would co-operate and be flowering for us.  Off to Earls Court Station to catch a train to South Croydon then a bus to near our destination - the bush reserve at Hutchinson Bank.  After a good walk we arrived and were disappointed to see sheep grazing as to us that meant there would be no orchids here.  Still we looked around, up hill and down.  The only people we saw were a couple of butterfly photographers waiting for the sun to shine.  As usual we did find things to photograph to keep us happy, some snails, flowers and birds.  Having got to the other end of the reserve we walked on to the next reserve - Chapel Bank. Here we were more confident as the reserve sign talked about orchids.  Just a short stroll in and there they were our first UK Orchid. The orchid was a Common Twayblade or scientifically a Neottia ovata.  As we headed home, we saw many leaves of other orchids still to come.  We took an alternative route to a nearby tram line and took at tram to South Croydon, then a train home.


Overland train to South Croydon Then a bus To our destination - the bush!
The bush was Hutchinson's Bank   You never find orchids in a sheep paddock.
Just slugs and snails and a few pretty flowers.
The nearby Chapel Bank might be better - the sign told me, this might be the place. And it was - a native orchid

Neottia ovata - Common Twayblade

Just a common orchid but we were quite happy in finding it anyway.  
  enough of orchids - time to go home. Back past the sheep!
This time we read a pamphlet we found an it showed us an alternative way home Past the interesting statues and back to South Croydon by tram, then by train home.

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