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This is part 2 of the story of our trip, this part is to London in May of 2015.  It was part of a round the world trip that included France, London
and the USA (New York, Niagara Falls, Canyon Country and the Tall Trees)

This is Day 2 of our trip to London.


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Day -2 London    Day-2
We knew today was a great day for touring, tomorrow the computer said would not be as nice.  So off we went to see Kew Gardens.  We took the overground train to the nearest station - Kew Gardens and walked the 500m to the entrance. It was just before opening and there were only a few before us, but the queues behind us soon got larger.  The first tourist train around the gardens did not leave for an hour so we went directly to the Palm House.  Hot and humid. The cameras after a good clean of the lens came good and we started taking pictures.  We took the steep staircase to the top landing and it got much hotter.  After the upper level we descended to the basement and the cool of the aquarium.  It's so hard to take photos in these places, low light, reflections and moving fish.  Noticing the time we headed back to the gate and caught the tourist train that travels around the gardens.  Near the Conservation area we got out to look around.  The bluebells were in full flower and looked glorious.  We walked past  Queen Charlotte's Cottage and the wooden bear and onto the main Lake.  On the train again and off to see the Kew Palace and its associated garden and Royal Kitchen then onto the Princess of Wales Conservatory, where we knew orchids were displayed.  The Conservatory is an amazing space with many different habitats and plants.  Next it was the Davies Alpine House.  Strolling back again to the main gate we again took a ride on the tourist train to the Pagoda area and treetop walk.  As it was near to closing time we had a last ride around the gardens in the train.  We headed home again by the overland train.


Outside Earls Court Station Getting an overground train to Kew Gardens. Kew Gardens - Quite early before the crowds came.  Kew Gardens houses the world's largest collection of living plants. Founded in 1840.

Palm House and gardens

The Queen's Beasts, ten heraldic statues depicting the genealogy of Queen Elizabeth II - Portland stone replicas. The original beasts are now in Canada as they were cast in plaster only and not suitable for open air display.
Palm House - Ground floor Kew’s Palm House is said to be the most important surviving Victorian iron and glass structure in the world. It was hot and humid.
Up the stairs is a walkway around the top of the house.


Even hotter, just as humid
Looking out.    
Under the Palm House is an Aquarium So cool!  
The pond Kew Explorer land train  
Japanese Gateway leading to the Japanese pagoda.    
Conservation Area Walk. Natural bluebell wood  
  Queen Charlotte's Cottage Wood carving of a bear, plus Mischa
Water-lily Pond Syon Vista - towards the Palm House. Canada Geese
Kew's main lake   Canada Geese
Syon Vista - Syon Park House    
  Kew Palace It is the smallest of the British royal palaces
  Cut away showing building techniques.  
Formal gardens behind the palace    
A very royal loo Royal Kitchens  
    The household books
Old map of the Palace grounds. "Queen's Garden" which includes a collection of plants believed to have medicinal qualities. Only plants that were extant in England by the 17th century are grown in the garden. Old Shed
Wisteria Tree Princess of Wales Conservatory  
  Our first orchid find.  
  Cactus Zone Bird of Paradise.
  Lilly pond Area  
    Orchid Zone - finally.
Blue Vanda Orchid    
  The Davies Alpine House  
    Palm House across the Pond
    The oldest Oak tree.
    Ten story tall pagoda. Designed by William Chambers and built between 1761 and 1762,
  The Japanese Gateway (Chokushi-Mon)  
Treetop walkway. It stands 18 metres (59 ft) above ground.    
Looking out over the trees to the city of London.   Temperate House - closed during our visit.

Sequoia Grove


Victoria Plaza shop - more orchids

Kew Gardens Station

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