France 2015
Day 4

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This is the story of our trip to France in May of 2015.  It was part of a round the world trip that also included London
and the USA (New York, Niagara Falls, Canyon Country and the Tall Trees)'

This is Day 3 of our tour - Angers - Chateau de Langeais - Amboise - Chateau du Clos Luce - Chateau de Villandry - Tours (overnight) - Around 250km.


Tour description:

Leaving Angers behind you after breakfast, head deep into France’s famous château country. Pause on route at Château d’Angers an imposing castle in the Loire Valley and capture the beautiful building on camera before continuing onward. Pass through the historic towns of Cunault and Saumur on your way to the Château de Langeais, a medieval castle nestled in Indre-et-Loire. Château de Langeais was destroyed in the Hundred Years’ War and rebuilt in the 15th century by King Louis XI. It stands today as one of the finest examples of late-medieval architecture in France. Tour the castle with your guide and gain insight into its centuries of history and heritage.
Continue on to the town of Amboise on the banks of the Loire River for lunch (own expense) and a little free time to explore independently. In the afternoon, visit the Château du Clos Lucé, famous as the last official residence of Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th century. Afterward, head onward to explore the beautifully manicured gardens (and maze) of the Renaissance Château de Villandry.
Finish your day with a visit to the historic town of Tours, nicknamed ‘le jardin de la France’ (the garden of France) for its many parks and green spaces. Tours is one of the largest cities in central France famous for its medieval Old Town and many bridges crossing the Loire River.


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 We travelled alongside the Loire river, past beautiful fields, towns and vineyards.  One highlight were the homes carved into the limestone hills, seems a tax on roofs led to cave dwellings being popular.  Our first stop was the Chateau de Langeais, a fully restored chateau, furnished in the style of the early 1500's.  Large wall tapestries from the period were amazing.  It was also the wedding place of Charles VIII of France and Anne of Brittany, which had significant political implications later on.  The old keep ruins are also from the 1400's and reported to be the oldest in France.  On then to Amboise for lunch, here we found a great little bakery where we had wonderful sweets for desert.  Down the road from Amboise is the Chateau du Clos Luce, The last official residence of Leonardo da Vinci.  This chateau even had a tunnel leading back to the  Royal Château at Amboise, some kilometres away.  This was a lovely place to wander through the chateau itself and its grand garden.  Retracing our tracks we visited the Chateau de Villandry.  Original buildings were from the 1400's with various owners and their upgrades.  The palace was fully restored to its original glory during the early 1900's by the  Carvallo family who still own it.  It is indeed a marvellous palace and garden complex. Unfortunately we had to rush to see only the garden area; could have been here a lot longer.  Our final stop was the old section of Tours, initially we saw the Basilica of Saint-Martin de Tours, then walked around the old town including the Statue le Monstre and the many old buildings.  Before leaving we returned to the Basilica where the nuns give a recital each evening, which we enjoyed for a short time before heading off to the hotel for dinner.
Day 3  


Off again - driving along past the Loire River. A sleepy town along the way - many street and park trees were pruned like these. A vineyard.
The Chateau de Langeais from a distance Cave dwellings built in the white limestone. Out of the bus, we head for Chateau de Langeais
Chateau de Langeais Drawbridge - Chateau de Langeais Inner courtyard - Chateau de Langeais

Jacques Siegfried purchased the Chateau in 1886

Jacques Siegfried spent twenty years restoring and refurnishing it with original period items of the early 16th century. These tapestries are some 500 years old!
Very detailed    
The wedding of Charles VIII of France and Anne of Brittany took place, at dawn on December 6, 1491 at the Chateau.    
Enclosed parapets.    
  The Keep - relic from the 1400's View from the Keep
City view from the Keep    
The drawbridge - Chateau de Langeais More Cave dwellings are we retrace our steps.  
Amboise - Pirate sweets The Royal Château at Amboise Irresistible!
The banks of the Loire River - Amboise. Chateau du Clos Luce - the last official residence of Leonardo da Vinci - here is Da Vinci's bedroom  
Leonardo da Vinci Bust The famous Mona Lisa The tunnel to the Royal Château at Amboise
The Chateau Gardens    
    Leonardo da Vinci's - Archimedes Screw
On the way to Chateau de Villandry Liore River Chateau de Villandry
    Chateau de Villandry gardens
    Chateau de Villandry - Watering System

Basilica of Saint-Martin-de-Tours

  Listening to the Nuns singing. Tours
    Le Monstre ( the monster) - Large polyester sculpture of a monstrous man.

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