Niagara Falls Tour 2015
Day 3

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This is part 4 of the story of our trip, this part is to Niagara Falls, Philadelphia and Washington DC, in May of 2015. 
It was part of a round the world trip that included France, London and the USA
(New York, Niagara Falls, Canyon Country and the Tall Trees)

Tour Day 3:   Niagara Falls - Philadelphia - 6h 40m, 641 km

Head southeast through the Appalachian Mountains and into the Susquehanna River Valley.
Then, on to the handsome city of Philadelphia for an overnight stay.



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Day -3 Niagara Falls to Philadelphia     Top
Another driving day ahead of us.  We hoped the scenery would be good; well it was.  It was the typical lush green look that we expect from forests of deciduous trees on rolling hills and good farmland.  Time went by and we eventually got to Philadelphia by late afternoon.  After booking in to our hotel we just had time for a quick walk before we headed off to dinner.

Today's trip.    


Finally - the skyline of Philadelphia appears in view.   The 60ton, 101 ft tall Monument depicts a lightning bolt striking a kite with a key at its base.
An open horse drawn carriage    
An interesting bike. A mug shot. A plaque to the poor Irish.
Seems to be that there's always a duck near water    

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