Niagara Falls Tour 2015

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This is part 4 of the story of our trip, this part is to Niagara Falls, Philadelphia and Washington DC, in May of 2015. 
It was part of a round the world trip that included France, London and the USA
(New York, Niagara Falls, Canyon Country and the Tall Trees)

Tour Day 2 - Niagara Falls

This morning, enjoy an included sightseeing excursion to Niagara Falls that includes a SIGHTSEEING CRUISE past the world-famous falls. Your afternoon is free, so consider visiting attractions such as the Butterfly Conservatory $12, Great Gorge Adventure, Botanical Gardens, and Niagara Parks Greenhouse, or maybe ride the aerial cable car. The (Hydrangea Display) Floral Show house is roughly a ten minute walk, 500 meters from the Horseshoe Falls. Niagara Glen on river side just before Botanic Gardens, Floral Show house $5 +tax Canadian,7145 Niagara Pkwy, Niagara Falls.



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We started early today on our bus tour of the Niagara Falls area.  Starting at the floral clock, then onto the Whirlpool Aero Car at the big bend and finally we were dropped off at the main bus stop at the falls themselves.  We had a bit of free time before our boat tour on the river so we could get up close to the mighty falls.  Initially we looked upstream of the falls and saw the locations of the hydro power stations and then we went downstream to the falls themselves.  Awesome is the word for the falls.  So much water going over it's unbelievable to see, compared with those back home.  The falls tourist boats were interesting to watch.  They stop near  the falls, basically at the same spot and just sit in the mist for 5 minutes, enough for you to absorb the power of the falls and to get you wet. Luckily the red (or Blue) ponchos help a lot here.  They then turn for home, passing close to the US falls on the way.  We watched it all happen quite happily and then it was time for our trip, so we headed on down to the dock where we too were issued with our red ponchos, as we were doing a Canadian tour and boarded the boat.  The water near the falls was quite smooth for all the turmoil that the falls must cause.  As we got closer I had to put the camera away as it was getting the lens wet and it's hard to photograph through a wet lens.  After our allotted time we swung around and headed back, via the US falls to the dock.  It was now free time.  We headed off for a walk in the  Niagara Glen Nature Reserve.  To do this we took the Wego bus, a free bus service that operates in the Niagara Falls area.  The walk starts at the bottom of a cliff and wanders around in beautiful , lush green forest, bounded by the Niagara River..  We saw some lovely flowers but no orchids in flower.  After a couple of hours' walking we found a small snake, harmless we were led to believe.  After this we were back at the start and walked to the Botanic gardens were we caught another Wego bus back into the main falls area for some more sightseeing.  Dinner was at the Skylon Tower.  This has a moving restaurant - about 1 revolution per hour.   Dinner was enjoyable and afterwards we went to the open air deck for more photos before heading home in our tour bus.


The Floral Clock on the Niagara Parkway. 
40 feet wide.
Whirlpool Aero Car. The big bend - Niagara River.
Niagara Falls - upstream.    
Upstream Downstream  
Tourist Boat on Niagara River The falls!  
  Hornblower cruise - Canada tour. Maid of the Mist - USA tour
Our tour Niagara Falls tour starts A Hornblower tour Quite calm water.
Snow, now ice I feel, still hanging on.    
    Mischa, a bit wet.
  Back to shore Looking out on the Niagara River and the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve.
Access tower.    
Not Orchids! The way through.  
  Whirlpool Jet Boat.  
Ooh! A Snake Eastern Garter Snake  
  Almost back.  
  Botanical Park The free Wego Bus
The rapids. Back to the falls.  
  Queen's Park. Views from the Skylon Tower.
The Skylon restaurant, revolves slowly. 360 degree views. The US falls
The Canadian Falls    
Skylon Tower shadow.    
Cold and windy on the viewing deck.   Boomerangs - in Canada???

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