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  16Oct18 13Nov17 Updated Vic Orchids Prasophyllum barnettii Tawny Leek
  04Oct18 30Sept18 Added to My Australia Grampian Walks,  Pinnacles Walk  and   Fortress & Mt Thackeray Loop walk
  25Jul18 04Nov13 Updated Vic Orchids Thelymitra gregaria Basalt Sun Orchid
  16July18 01Nov14 Updated Vic Orchids Thelymitra malvina Purple Tufted Sun Orchid
  10July18 22Oct14 Updated Vic Orchids Thelymitra X Irregularis Crested Sun Orchid
20 10July18 22Oct14 Updated Vic Orchids Thelymitra x merraniae Merrans Sun Orchid
  09July18 22Oct14 Updated Vic Orchids Thelymitra x Truncata  Hybrid Sun Orchid
  09July18 24July17 Added to My Australia Head of the Bight - Whale Watching
  12Jun18 Various Added to My Australia Silo Art of Victoria and SA that I've seen
  12Mar18 05Aug14 Updated Vic Orchids Diuris pardina Leopard Orchid     N/A
15 25Feb18 13Nov17 Updated Vic Orchids Caladenia tentaculata Eastern Mantis Orchid      N/A
  25Feb18 21Sept15 Updated Vic Orchids Caladenia clavescens Castlemaine Spider Orchid     N/a
  07Feb18 27Sept17 Updated Vic Orchids Caladenia tensa Stiff Spider Orchid      
  06Feb18 18Sept17 Added WA Orchids Pterostylis longicornis Muirs Highway Bird Orchid    WA379    AUS 1026
  05Feb18 25Aug17 Added WA Orchids Pterostylis sp 'sparse' Sparse Bird Orchid      Correction N/A
10 02Feb18 20Oct17 Added WA Orchids Prasophyllum sp 'Brookton Highway'   Brookton Highway Hunchback Orchid'  WA378    AUS 1025
  02Feb18 20Oct17 Added WA Orchids Prasophyllum parvifolium x sp 'Brookton Highway'       N/A
  22Jan18 26Sept15 Added Vic Orchids Diuris sulphurea x orientis         N/A
  22Jan18 01Jan16 Updated NSW Orchids Calanthe australasica Common Christmas Orchid
  17Jan18 15Oct17 Updated SA Orchids Thelymitra juncifolia   Slender blue-spotted Sun-orchid  
05 10Jan18 14Oct11 Added SA Orchids Diuris chryseopsis Snake Orchid       SA156
  09Jan18 16Oct17 Added SA Orchids Thelymitra exigua    Short Sun Orchid      SA 155
  07Jan18 16Oct17 Added SA Orchids Thelymitra rubra yellow form Common Pink Sun Orchid      N/A
  06Jan18 01Jan18 Updated SA Orchids Dipodium campanulatum Bell-Flower Hyacinth Orchid
01 06Jan18 01Jan18 Added SA Orchids Dipodium punctatum  Purple Hyacinth Orchid   SA 154

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