Strange & Unusual Orchid Photos

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Spiders Lunch
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You always see spider webs on orchids that you photograph, rarely an actual spider, and even rarer a spider having lunch!

Oh, the orchid is a Bearded Caladenia (Pheladenia deformis)

Orchid: Prasophyllum flavum (click for larger photo)

We had photographed this one the day before and had come back for another shot-out.  The orchid had been taken over during the night by a spider, who had weaved its web all over the orchid.  At least 5 flying bugs were caught up and the spider was trying to hide from my camera and tidy his catch up all at the same time.









A not so Trim - Trim Greenhood!
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We were at Teasdale Common, the ground was covered with Drawf Greenhoods and also Trim Greenhoods, when Mischa noticed the above. Over 6 of them, so why?  You tell me!

Taurantha concinna - Trim Greenhood










Did I interrupt?
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Well did I?

Bearded Caladenia (Pheladenia deformis)









Pollination in Progress
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Our group was photographing this spider orchid, when along came this wasp and  was trapped for a few seconds, before it freed itself. It dropped quickly down to the ground where I was able to capture the second photo.  After a few more seconds it flew off again to it all over again to  another orchid.

Arachnorchis clavigera - Plain-lip Spider








Green's Today or just Blues



Beetle having lunch - now that's how they get a bit ratty looking!

Orchid: Prasophyllum elatham

A varied diet is important, greens are not just enough!

Orchid:  Thelymitra juncifolia (above/below)










Pollination: Wasp at it again
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Wasp starting the pollination process. 

Orchid: Thelymitra pallidiflora

Orchid: Thelymitra cyanea