Name: Thelymitra holmesii Common Name: Blue Star Orchid
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We had searched this area for a leek we had seen the year before, unfortunately after it had flowered.  This year the leek was nowhere to be seen but this orchid was, but it was late and time and temperature had seen to it that the flower was closed for the day.  We returned a few days later, quite early and it was hot, but the orchid was gone; perhaps a kangaroo's dinner. We fortunately found another one soon after, but only one was to be found.  Lucky again.  Now we will no doubt see lots more.

Photographed in the Brisbane Ranges National Park.

Details (Vic):

Flowering:  Flowering October to January, mainly between November and December.

Size: Up to 40cm tall,  flowers -  usually 2 to 10, to 20mm across

Location:  Widespread across Victoria, favours heathlands, woodlands and open forests, usually growing seasonally wet areas.

Endemic, Secure.