Pterostylis pedunculata - Maroonhood



This was to be a quick stop on off again to new areas, but we saw black-lipped then a paddock full of Noddings so we thought it might be a good walk to do.  And so it was, as around the next corner were a few of these Maroonhoods. This was one of the new ones we had hoped to see on this outing and although it is common, we had not seen it before.

From my books this one has classic colourings and shape.  Green and white at the base of the flower, with dark reddish-brown in the front and towards the apex.  The tip of the lip is just visible (see below).

Photographed at Pt Addis, Nature Walk.

Details (Vic):

Flowering:  July to December, mainly August to October.

Size: Up to 25cm tall, flower -1, to 20mm long.

Position:  Widespread across Victoria, mainly in the southern half of the state.  Favours moist sites in closed coastal scrublands, heathy woodlands and open forests.l

Status:   Endemic, Secure



The colour for this orchid can vary from the typical colour above to a green form shown left.

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