Pterostylis foliata - Slender Greenhood



We had been walking for 6 hours, around the heathland, lost a couple of times, but our book said this orchid was here, or should be.  There was a wet area with a boardwalk, let's take a look down that path.

We found the track and went down to the swamp area, passing some lovely Tree Trees on the way, they mad a nice canopy.  We should have looked down not up in awe as on the return trip we spotted this orchid.  Deep in shade and leaf litter but it was still moist soil.

Flash photos we required due to the poor light and dense tree cover.

Photographed at the Wonthaggi Common.

Details (Vic):

Flowering:  September to November , mainly October.

Size: Up to 50cm tall, flower -1, to 35mm long.

Position:  Spread across southern Victoria.  Open forests in moist soils around swamps/watercourses.  Peaty sand or clay loam soils.

Status:   Endemic, Rare