Name: Pterostylis cucullata Common Name: Leafy Greenhood
    Synonym: Pterostylis cucullata
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This is an early bird orchid, flowering is usually later than when we found it.  We were attending a conservation day down the coast with the main objective to remove weeds from the habitat area.  Hopefully allowing the many seedlings we found to grow to maturity.

On the way back to the car for lunch, this orchid was spotted. On the path (yes right in the middle!) we had found many plants, a lot in bud   We found 2 more flowers elsewhere on the day.

Photographed on the Mornington Peninsula.

Details (Vic):

Flowering:  Flowering July to December, mainly September to October.

Size: Up to 20cm tall,  flowers -  one, to 40mm long, Large stem leaves.

Location: Widespread across Southern Victoria and also highland areas.  Grows in 2 types of habitat - Coastal scrublands on sand dunes and also open forests on moist slopes often near water.  Sandy soils near the coast.

Endemic, Vulnerable.