Microtis unifolia: Common Onion orchid

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We were trudging through ankle deep water, a shortcut back to the car.  Ah! another Onion, shall we look, why they all look the same to me - perhaps it won't be a notched, but something different.

We took the standard photos as it did look somewhat different.  This has prompted the purchase of a small botany magnifying glass to see the flower properly. This purchase has saved countless other discussions on orchid identity.

Back on the computer it was obvious that we had indeed found a new one, the Common Onion Orchid.

Photographed in the Glen Rowan Area.

Details (Vic):

Flowering:  Flowering mainly October to January, mainly November to December.

Size: Up to 90cm tall,  flowers -  usually 10 to 100, 4mm across

Location: Everywhere.

Endemic, Secure.